GE Aerospace Caledonian school site visit
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Pupils visit GE Aerospace Caledonian for the ‘best day’ trip ever!

Young people cannot aspire to something they didn’t know existed, so linking engineers with schools to work alongside teachers, children and pupils is a major part of our programmes and competition. On Wednesday 13th of December we kicked off our partnership with GE Aerospace Caledonian, who are a Scottish partner for our ‘If you were an engineer, what would you do’ competition, by facilitating a site visit for some pupils from Troon Primary School.

A large part of this competition is interviewing engineers, enabling pupils to ask the questions that matter to them, provide an opportunity for engineers to share how they use creative problem solving in their work and inspire the pupils to find their own engineering ideas. Pupils from Troon Primary School interviewed a handful of Engineers to ask about their experiences and careers before going in a shop tour to see the GEnX engines.

This was the first of 6 trips we’ve facilitated for some schools local to the GE Aerospace Caledonian site to come in for a site visit.

Helen, a teacher at Troon Primary School, said ‘Please would you pass on our heartfelt thanks for being so welcoming and giving our pupils such a memorable, fantastic day. Real life learning experiences like this can’t be beaten and I thought you might like some snippets I overheard or had children bursting to tell me such as:

“This has been the best trip ever. This has actually been the best day of my whole life!”

“I liked the STEM Centre at Dumfries House but this was better.”

“Did you see the size of that engine?!”

“Thank you for taking us to GE, it was amazing.”

Cameron’s dad has definitely built up a lot of street cred!

Hope to see you again next year!’