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Would you like to become part of the Primary Engineer Programmes team? We are looking to grow our team with people who share our energy, passion and enthusiasm for delivering exceptional programmes, training and events.Here are our current vacancies:

Programme Manager (Emerging Projects)

Based in Burnley, Edinburgh or London – AMS Neve Technology Park Burnley, Data Lab Edinburgh or Cambridge Heath London.


Job Description

The award-winning educational company, Primary Engineer, seeks a dynamic, determined and resourceful Programme Manager with a proven track record in delivering evolving and ambitious programmes across the UK.

About Primary Engineer, our Emerging Projects (STATWARS® and The Institutions of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Engineers) and this key role:

Primary Engineers’ vision is to ensure that all children achieve their potential. We aim to do this by bringing careers, hands-on projects and industry 4.0 skills development into the classroom.

The Institutions of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Engineers are a schools programme supported by a bespoke online platform that is currently in development. The platform helps teachers plan projects that focus on integral industry 4.0 skills and builds a community between schools and industry. The programme has undergone various pilot stages and is always looking to improve and meet teacher’s needs. The Programme Manager will work with the Institutions team to help make a reality of the Institutions’ vision. The Programme Manager will work with: software developers and other team members to help prioritise software builds; schools and industry to ensure developments are meeting customer needs; our Operations Director to develop rigorous processes for the Institutions programme and other Directors to feed into company strategy.

STATWARS® is a new project undergoing a pilot and launch on March 14th, 2019. The aim of STATWARS® is to help young people develop their data literacy and critical thinking skills by using data to create their own film or TV series concept. We have set out to provide a classroom project that engages every pupil with data skills by bringing the enchantment of the entertainment industry to their doorstep. Pupils work in teams to analyse a large dataset of TV series and films to produce an infographic poster, an advertisement poster and a 60-sec pitch video. The competition’s structure encourages pupils to use their own creative spin and personal experiences to find meaning in, interpret and present the data. We are looking for a Programme Manager to take this project from the pilot phase to a national competition and to find opportunities to add value via working with industry, workshopping ideas and working with other supporters.

Who we are looking for

A person who is keen to help our Emerging Projects grow and thrive and matches our ambitions to enhance education for all, across the UK and further afield.

Essential abilities include:

  • Strong organisation skills, managing multiple projects and timelines at once to ensure key responsibilities and opportunities are met.
  • A proven ability to develop and run workshopping sessions with different groups to distil key, useable information for the team to act on.
  • Having a collaborative mindset and approach which helps the team thrive.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, both oral and written.
  • An understanding of working with software developers to achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • An understanding and enthusiasm for innovative approaches, STEM, data science, education, business development, industry and education technology.
  • A strong customer-experience led mentality.
  • Able to create and establish effective and efficient processes to streamline the delivery of a project, ensuring processes are considerate of demands on other staff members.
  • Experience of working with and managing a range of specialist contractors and stakeholders.
  • A proven ability to provide written/presented reports to ensure insights generated are actionable.
  • Effective leaderships skills and characteristics to enthuse, support and develop team members, contractors and other stakeholders.
  • Able to consider company strategy in decision-making and to contribute to business decisions regarding our Emerging Projects.
  • Are an excellent problem-finder, problem-solver and risk-aware person to help prevent issues before they arise in a project.
  • The role will require business travel and overnight stays for which expenses will be covered.
  • Desirable but not essential criteria: Full clean driving licence and access to own vehicle.

To apply please submit a CV with covering letter to . Please note applications without a covering letter may not be reviewed.

Job Type: Full-time (37.5hrs/week)

Salary: £28-34k

Closing date: Monday 1st April 2019