Secondary Engineer

Fluid Power Challenge

This course for teachers focuses on the dynamics of fluid power and the opportunities to explore hydraulics and pneumatics, science, maths and design technology. Fluid power plays a vital role in the creation of the built environment in which we live. This course investigates the technologies involved. This course is designed for Y8/S2 pupils upwards.

The course is designed for science, maths and technology teachers from each school. It begins by investigating this vital technology and how it affects the world in which we live. The science and maths are explored and teachers are asked to consider where this could fit into an integrated project at their schools. Delegates are tasked with working together in school groups to create their own working mechanisms which can be combined together to create a coherent design to lift and move objects from one place to another using hydraulics as the power source. This course also highlights the competition element of the project and the requirements of the Fluid Power celebration event.


  • Investigate the wider use of Fluid Power in engineering.
  • Understand the maths and science involved in the design and manufacture of a practical solution.
  • Create a working model in school teams in preparation for the celebration and teaching back in school.
  • Teaching resources and consumables included.