Engineering STEM in The Classroom

Engineering STEM in The Classroom:
a new short course from Primary Engineer

‘Engineering STEM in The Classroom’, endorsed by Education Scotland, comprises of 16 hours guided learning over a 6-week period. It has a number of funded places available so please register for more information. The course is open to teachers and practitioners in all educational settings. 

The Process:

  1. Learn how to increase your understanding of what engineering is; the breadth of the profession, and the career routes into it.
  2. Engage with engineering professionals from a range of different backgrounds and industries.
  3. Develop a foundation in critical reflection and evaluation of your current practice around delivery of your STEM curriculum.
  4. Plan for and develop your own and others practice, in response to insights gained during this course.

Over the 6 weeks for the course, you will:

  • Engage with a minimum of 6 engineers from diverse backgrounds, supported by Primary Engineer and Scottish Engineering.
  • Engage in directed critical research of Engineering Habits of Mind and it’s importance to STEM education.
  • Create a reflective log and self-evaluation and outline how you will apply this learning to your own and others practice.
  • Disseminate the information to your colleagues to support professional learning for all.
  • Build on industry connections so that you can bring diverse STEM role models into your classroom.
  • Use this course to lead and collaborate on curriculum development and assessment in your school.
  • Join a learning network of course graduates to commit to sustainable and ongoing CLPL.
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