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GivEnergy and Primary Engineer join forces to inspire the next generation of engineers

GivEnergy is delighted to announce its partnership with Primary Engineer which will bring an engaging dose of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) into the classrooms of ten North Staffordshire primary schools.

Together, GivEnergy and Primary Engineer hope to help nurture North Staffordshire’s next generation of engineers.

The STEM skill shortage

The UK is currently facing a STEM skills shortage. Though roles in STEM are both lucrative and rewarding, there remains a shortfall of over 173,000 workers in the STEM sector. That shortfall translates into an average of 10 unfilled roles per business in the UK.

Critically, the STEM skills shortage also impedes the UK’s efforts to drive productivity, economic growth, and the fulfilment of wider policy goals. (Such as net zero and energy security – causes close to our heart here at GivEnergy.)

Enter Primary Engineer.

Who is Primary Engineer?

Primary Engineer provides meaningful links between engineering and education. The organisation works with teachers to deliver engaging engineering projects to pupils in the classroom.

To do so, Primary Engineer has developed a project-based learning approach to education which enables young people to engage with practical maths and science, alongside creative problem-solving and literacy. Ultimately, their vision is to ensure all children and pupils achieve their full potential through engagement with engineering.

GivEnergy x Primary Engineer

GivEnergy has a proud history of committing to education causes. As part of this commitment, GivEnergy invests over £0.5million a year in its not-for-profit daughter company, GivEducation. Beyond its subsidiary, the company is keen to invest in the development of a skilled workforce that can drive the green revolution from right here in North Staffordshire.

So, the company also stimulates education in multiple other capacities – including funding summer schoolsdonating kit to colleges, working with local universities, and of course, partnering with organisations like Primary Engineer.

So, what does the partnership entail?

GivEnergy’s commercial energy storage systems

A fully funded STEM programme

We have fully funded places for primary schools to take part in a GivEnergy construction programme that provides STEM-based professional development for teachers.

This cross-curricular programme allows pupils to build and test their own construction models while getting to interact with engineering professionals in class, as well as attending a joint school event as they celebrate their achievements at the end of the programme.

The kits come in two levels designed to allow Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 classes to participate in the project.

All teachers on the programme will receive:

  • Free kit for 30 construction project builds – enough for 60 children working in pairs
  • One full day of training, preparing teachers to deliver the project in class (conducted in GivEnergy HQ)
  • A full set of classroom resources and online guides

Participating teachers will join the training cohort on 13 December. Supported by GivEnergy engineers, the teachers are learning all the skills required to teach engineering in the classroom. Plus, engineers from GivEnergy will also be supporting the teachers with delivering this STEM project throughout the 2024 school year.

The programme then rounds off with a celebration event that invites pupils to put their engineering skills to the test against other participating schools.

Jason Howlett, GivEnergy CEO, comments:

“We’re excited to be working with Primary Engineer to encourage STEM in local schools. Hopefully, we can inspire young children in North Staffs that an engineering career is not only attainable, but also readily available — with high-tech careers right on the doorstep.

It’s incredibly important to engage with the younger generation to inspire them to pursue careers in engineering. For us, we’re especially passionate about nurturing young people to take to the green energy cause.

We want to turn North Staffordshire into a ‘centre of excellence’ for the renewables industry. That goal, in part, will be supported by instilling purpose, passion, and self-belief in the next generation of engineers.”

Jason Howlett, GivEnergy CEO

Andrew Norris, Head of Partnerships for Central and East England at Primary Engineer, comments:

“At Primary Engineer, we are passionate about inspiring the next generation of engineering professionals by establishing meaningful links between schools and engineering through our programmes.

We are thrilled to be partnering with GivEnergy to bring the Primary Engineer Construction Programme to ten schools in North Staffordshire, to provide opportunities for pupils to work with a large, local employer who offer exciting careers in clean energy.  

Our shared vision of developing skills through our cross-curricular projects will allow young people to identify themselves with engineering and increase their aspirations to a potential future career in the world of engineering and technology.”