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AMRC Sheffield Training

Primary school teachers from Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster came to The AMRC Knowledge Transfer Centre (KTC) to participate in our Structures and Mechanisms with Basic Electrics on Thursday 25th October 2018. We had 12 schools attend with a bunch of very enthusiastic and dedicated teachers.

The teachers who attended could not wait to get involved. They asked lots of questions to cement their knowledge and understanding. For this training event, we chose the theme ‘Bonfire Night’. The teachers’ ideas and designs were fantastic and so much thought went into their designs.

Once we had completed the vehicles we used the ramp to test them; it was at this point the teachers had become very competitive. We had vehicles that struggled to climb the ramp but there was no stopping them. The teachers went back to their tables look at ‘what went wrong?’, ‘How can we improve?’… they made modifications and returned to re-test their cars.

The teachers collected their funded kit to take back to school and were extremely appreciative and left with confidence and excitement. What a fantastic day!