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Glasgow Pupils Rev Their Engines at City-Wide Competition


Around 100 Glasgow pupils are attending the impressive Glasgow City Chambers today to take part in an engineering competition.

The Primary Engineer celebration is sponsored by Glasgow-based firm Allied Vehicles. As part of the project a miniature version of the well-known Allied Vehicles adapted vehicle went for a spin around the venue!

Gerry Facenna, Co-Chairman of Allied Vehicles, said, “We need to give all our young people the skills to succeed in their future jobs. Our work with Primary Engineer is a vital part of that.”

As part of the project, primary school teachers are trained and learn more about engineering skills and careers. Then, alongside the help of their linked engineer, pupils used their STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) skills to make battery-powered cars.

At the City Chambers today, each school’s best vehicles were pitted against each other.

Patrick Grady MP welcomed the school pupils and launched the event. “We are reminded of the importance of science, technology and engineering standing in these stunning surroundings at the Glasgow City Chambers. Congratulations on being selected to represent your school and good luck for the competition!”

Lise McCaffery, Regional Director for Primary Engineer, thanked Allied Vehicles for their support. “Gerry and the Allied team are wonderful philanthropists and understand the importance of broadening the pool of talent going into engineering.”

The mini Allied Vehicles van will tour around Glasgow City Centre today before heading to Allied Vehicles’ offices in North-Glasgow to be put on display. It’s made from the materials used by pupils in the competition including wood, batteries, pulleys and a small motor.