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Jersey Training

In October we headed back to beautiful Jersey to deliver our programmes to early years practitioners and primary school teachers, with a total of 26 schools involved.  It was great to have 11 of the 26 schools delivering our programmes through the whole school!

Early Years Engineer®

We saw teachers on the Early Years course fully embrace their engineering buddies Dave, Leonard, George and Alice as they created their shakers and made them full of colour.  They entered the second part of the session experimenting with different materials such as slate, wood and paper shreddings as they tried to save Humpty Dumpty and we had one team managing to save his fall with a tea-towel net.

One teacher said, “There are lots of practical ideas I can use with my class.  I work at an all-girls school, so I think its particularly important that we raise the profile of STEM and so having ideas as we have learnt on the Primary Engineer, Early Years course today will really help to deliver STEM and specifically Engineering in school”

Primary Engineer®

Key Stage one and two teachers raced to be crowned with being the first to make their electric vehicle up the testing ramp and produced high-quality shoebox models based on the theme ‘Jersey Life’, we had Battle of Flowers floats, ferry’s, sandcastles and wildlife.

Local Engineers from Ports Jersey, Geomarine, Growth, Housing and Environment, 4Safety and T&G Limited volunteered to support us at our Structures and Mechanism with Basic Electrics event at Hautlieu School.  Teachers were able to put engineering into context as they worked together and were able to see how it can be incorporated into Maths, Science, Design and Technology and English classes.

Darren Sowney from Geomarine said, “The world is always going to need Engineers and there’s a shortage of Engineers, so this is a great way of encouraging children to get into engineering.  It’s a fun, interesting programme that gets children involved.”

It was great to work with Skills Jersey who funded the programme and see so many teachers come together and embrace the projects.  They were all excited that Primary Engineer® had been brought to the island and we look forward to seeing everyone again in the Summer of 2019 with their pupils.