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    Our Vision Primary Engineer
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    Primary Engineer STEM by STEALTH
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    Making Engineers for the future


From being a pioneer of the Industrial Revolution, Bolton has continued to thrive as an industrial manufacturing and engineering town, and whilst many of the original industries have declined, new ones have emerged and gown to become world class companies, many being leaders in their field. Companies like MBDA in the defence industry, Watson Steel Structures, Edbro lifting systems and hydraulics, to name just a few. Other industries in the town also have engineering at their heart, like Warburtons the bakers, whose fully automated bakeries use the most advanced technology available to produce consistently high quality products 24/7.

Education has also been at the heart of the town’s heritage, with the renowned Bolton School (formerly Bolton Grammar School) being one of the oldest schools in Lancashire. The town has also now got its own university with a very strong engineering department which provides one of the country’s leading MSc courses on Advanced Composites Design.

In order to maintain and grow this thriving world class engineering, Bolton needs to play its part in educating and training high calibre engineers, especially as it is forecast that there will be a world shortage of professional engineers in a few years’ time.

Primary Engineer provides a national programme, supported by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, which is helping to directly address this problem. By inspiring young students at an early stage, before they have to make any subject decisions, they can begin to realise how engineering plays a very vital role in everyone’s daily life, and how it can increasingly contribute to the nation’s economy. The Primary Engineer programme totally supports the National Curriculum and aims to inspire and excite students about the vast world of engineering, and the fun and rewarding careers that can result.